Amana Investment Fund’s primary focus is to invest in small and medium-sized companies with potential to compete in the global market. In addition to helping them financially, Amana will be providing them with international and local market access, strengthening their capacity to become a global player in their economic sectors. We will both support established and niche innovative companies. Although the primary focus is for companies with long-term growth prospects, runoff businesses with healthy cash flow projections and active local participation will also be considered.
Funds will be used to finance specific projects or investment programs aimed at modernizing and expanding portfolio companies, or for permanent working capital requirements.

We strive to create value by investing in great businesses where our capital, strategic insight, global relationships and operational support can drive transformation that unlocks the company’s potential.


Amana will provide a financial support, vision and knowhow that will strengthen the capacity to become a global player in the world industry.


Individual company’s growth plan is the cornerstone of our investment project. We help design and execute business strategies that are both ambitious and pragmatic. Well aware that it takes time and energy, we rapidly help assess requirements and help management in finding and implementing the best possible solutions. Our objective is to ensure profitable and sustainable growth of the companies we invest in, keeping high standard of quality and of integrity. The investment horizon is flexible and tailored to each situation. Partners will actively be involved in investments and support management in determining and prioritizing their objectives, while optimizing resources and operating potential. Either directly or by taking profit of an extensive network of industry relationships, in order to bring a strong combination of strategic, financial and managerial experience. Between the beneficiaries are the newly hired employees, both skilled and unskilled, of the portfolio companies. Indirectly, these investments will benefit the all job market participants in the target countries, local communities, and all involved stakeholders.


Amana brings a strong combination of strategic, financial and managerial experience.


Amana Investment SA differentiates itself by devoting its full scope of talent and intellectual capital to the singular mission of investing in small and mid-sized businesses. Applying the strategic insights of experienced industry participant and intensely focused domain experts, Amana adds value through extensive industry network and collaborative investment strategy. The team is characterized by a high level of preparation and flexibility, which creates a solid base for a reference and reliable partner in carrying out complex investment transactions. The highly skilled team offers a rare combination of independence, industry focus and close partnership with key people in the specific industries in which we invest.