Amana Investment Fund is an independent Private Equity fund fully dedicated in financing small and medium-sized enterprises.

Amana Investment Fund will take a flexible, opportunistic investment approach, and will pursue a broad range of transaction types and structures in order to secure the best investment opportunities.

Amana invests only in innovative companies supporting and facilitating their growth in order to excel in the global market.

We play a vital role in helping companies realize their growth potential, we uncover value by identifying great companies and enhancing their performance by providing capital and operating support to their strong management teams. In addition to helping them financially, Amana will be providing them with international and local market access, strengthening their capacity to become a global player in the world industry. We will both support established and niche innovative companies.


Our strategy is to work as partners with the management of our companies, helping companies grow core businesses, launching new initiatives, making transformative acquisitions in order to support their medium and long-term strategy.


Our team has developed an extensive track record of partnering with management teams and entrepreneurs to build successful businesses across a broad range of industries and geographies.


Amana Investment Fund domiciled in Luxembourg, EU’s smallest and richest country with a financial sector that is robust and highly diversified. Coupled with its long-standing reputation for fund domiciliation, Luxembourg also offers an efficient regulatory framework that guarantees stringent conduct and supervision and high investor protection.


An Independent and Experienced Board is committed to maintaining strong corporate governance policies and practices. The Board has set forth policies and procedures as well as a framework for establishing the highest level of business integrity and accountability. The highly skilled team with more than 30 year experience in the financial industry, the team offers a rare combination of independence, industry focus and close partnership with key people in the global Industry. Applying the strategic insights of experienced industry participant and intensely focused domain experts, Amana adds value through extensive industry network and collaborative investment strategy. The team is characterized by a high level of preparation and flexibility, which creates a solid base for a reference and reliable partner in carrying out complex investment transactions.




The Industrial Advisory Board shall provide industry expertise, views, opinions and general strategic advice on the investments to the Partnership. Chosen from an extensive network, such members provide access both to sourcing and information advantages, as well as to seasoned executives with deep operational experience and a broad industry expertise.